SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016

September 21-22, 2016 | London, UK

IntelliSys 2016 conference will focus on areas of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence and how it applies to the real world. It is an opportunity for researchers in this field to meet and discuss solutions, scientific results, and methods in solving intriguing problems in this field. Sponsored by HPCC Systems and Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE.

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Conference Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Logic
Genetic Algorithms
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Swarm Intelligence
Expert Systems
Machine Vision
Human Computer Interaction
Image/Video Processing
Pattern Recognition
Signal Processing
Augmented Reality
Mobile Robots
Space and underwater robots
Assistive Robots
Creative and Entertaining Robots
Autonomous Robots
Human-Robot Interaction
Ambient Intelligence
Smart Buildings and Cities
Internet of Things
Ambient Assisted Living
Smart Healthcare
Intelligent Driving
Data Science
Spam Detection
Intrusion Detection
Security Intelligence
Computer Forensics
Big data analytics for security
Machine Learning
Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
Decision Making
Support Vector Machines
Bayesian networks
Ant colony optimization
Natural language processing

IntelliSys 2015 Keynote Videos

Dr John Daugman, Cambridge University

Dr Jane Macfarlane, HERE

Dr Hans Georg Zimmermann, Siemens

Dr Flavio Villanustre, HPCC Systems

Alison B Lowndes, NVIDIA

David Gerster, BigML